Erik Mandler-MBA (EMT-P.ret)


Prior to joining Westmed in 2007, Mr. Mandler held senior leadership positions as a Director of Operations, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for two of the nation’s largest ambulance companies, overseeing operations throughout many parts of California. His prior experience includes the direct management of 911 paramedic systems in San Diego, Riverside, and Ventura Counties. Prior to joining Westmed, Mr. Mandler managed many large scale Hospital contracts including Kaiser Hospitals, Tenant Health Hospitals, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Martin Luther King Care Center, and the Adventist Hospitals to name a few. Mr. Mandler has designed 911 service delivery models for over 60 Cities throughout California and the Southwest. He brings his expertise in managing high priority performance based ambulance transportation to the Non Emergency and Critical Care Transportation environment.


Coleen Cotter EMT

Managing Director – Northern California 

Mrs. Cotter is one of the original employees of Westmed. She has distinguished herself as an experienced manager by having worked her way up from her days as an Emergency Medical Technician on an ambulance. Mrs. Cotter is a customer favorite and has established herself as a “can do” manager for Westmed’s customers. As a local industry icon, all customers know they can reach her day or night with a phone call and have their issues taken care of immediately. Mrs. Cotter has been with Westmed since its inception in 1995, overseeing day to day field operations and the Westmed Call Center.


Christopher Seymour

Director of Advanced Life Support Services

Mr. Seymour brings over a decade of emergency management experience to the Westmed team. Mr. Seymour oversees all risk and safety compliance programs and all ALS services throughout Northern California. Prior to his current role with Westmed, Mr. Seymour has worked as a 911 system Paramedic, a manager for private and public health institutions as well as a personal protection specialist.  Mr. Seymour holds a Master’s degree from Saint Mary’s College of California as well as certificates in Emergency Driving, Incident Command Systems and a graduate from the International School of Tactical Medicine.